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Monday, August 1, 2011

22 Days and Counting

I worked for several hours in my classroom today after summer school.  I put in a full day.  If I could figure out to get the pics off my phone I'd show you what I accomplished.

I'm trying out a new arrangement.  So far, I like it.  Sometimes it's better empty than with students in it, so we'll have to see how it functions.  I have 22 days until they come back to see me.

We got the schedules for football and soccer.  We have 3-4 games per week between the 2 kids.  Games start Saturday for Kayla. She has 2-3 games a week.  We will find out if Kota has 1 or 2 games in a couple of weeks.  It will depend if he is straight varsity or plays both varsity and JV as a junior this year.  My Saturdays are all spoken for until the end of October for my two kids.  If the football team goes to play offs again, then our weekends will be spoken for well into November.  No complaints, really; I am going to enjoy every last event my children are in...because in two short years one will begin to fly the coop.  (Sigh)

I am looking forward to seeing all the accomplishments.  Go Falcons!


  1. Such exciting times you are in with your kids.


  2. The saddest day is that final Senior playoff game when you know you won't be sitting in the bleachers screaming your head off for the kiddos anymore...I think I cried. Then when your realize all your weekends are yours again..you get over it.

  3. Like yaya I did a lot of crying when my daughter finished high school she was active and danced outside of school. I all the running and no time to yourself but after you get use to it it is wonderful. enjoy the school year.

  4. Yikes, 22 days! You must start earlier than we do, or else you aren't counting weekends?? We have Open House on the 25, but school begins on the 31. I am putting off going in . . . until I can drive at least! I've had several offers to help, but you know how that is, some things you just have to do yourself!
    You are right to treasure every event now with your kids. As yaya said, it's the last ones that you weep through . . . but, you do get over it, amazingly.
    Thanks you your encouraging comments, Stacy!