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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday; Fidget!

She is 15 today. 
You know the funny thing is, she asked for these Converse shoes.  No big deal right? 
I tried to get her to buy a pair of these a couple of summers ago.  When I saw a lot of the college girls wearing them, Bella from Twilight, you know they were in style.  I get; Eww, those are gross; not cool; what are you thinking?  (I was thinking other girls thought they were stylish, apparently I thought wrong!)
Funny thing is, her friends are wearing them now.  Hmm, maybe they needed to be lulled in the fashion trend.  Lesson learned; make a suggestion two years before you want your daughter to act on the idea.  I better get to planning her future.

Kayla is a lot of fun.  She is the funny, sparkling personality, a lot like her dad.  We have so many term of endearment for her.  (my husband's family likes nicknames).  They have come and gone over the years, but here is what she answers too:
Kayla (of course)
Fidget (grandpappys nick name)
Sweet pea (as a baby/toddler)
Brat (lovingly by her dad)
Baby Girl
Little one
Biscuit  (pronounced Bis-git)
Terd (lovingly of course)

Happy 15th kiddo.  I hope they don't kill you at soccer practice tonight!


  1. Aren't those childhood nicknames fun? I still haven't managed to shed mine yet. (Though it does seem to be fading away...)

    Happy birthday, Kayla!


  2. Well Happy Birthday Kayla! You poor little thing...I bet you have an identity crisis with all those names. I love the shoes. I also love all your names, but Kayla is my fav. Hey Mom, it has to her idea about the fashion choices...but knock yourself out trying!

  3. Stacy, Happy birthday to your girl! Isn't it deadly to have soccer practice in the heat you're all having????

    I love those nicknames too. And, my college girl is still wearing her Converse shoes! She started wearing them in middle school! In fact, she is telling me right now that she needs new ones, soon!

  4. Kayla - yes a true joy to be around...just don't bring a camera...she hides! LOL!! Gramps and I love you so much...I know...he loves you more!!!