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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family and Faith

 Last night we watched Kim's kids.  It was fun having a niece and two nephews around.  We entertained them by playing games.
 Kayla and Kami played connect four, while Kota and Kadin played battleship.  Kyle got to play with Kolton.  Indoor cornhole.  It was fun watching Kolton step way infront of the board to sink a shot in the hole.  Kyle kept throwing the cornhole bag in different ways, under his leg, without looking, etc; Kolton mimicked every move.

It's been awhile since our children have hung onto everything we do and want to do it "just like dad or mom."  What a responsibility we have as parents (aunts and uncles) to show the kids the best ways to live life.  Then when they get older like mine, still guide, but start pulling back and letting them decide.
They don't always chose how we want them to.  I know my Heavenly Father feels the same way as me as an adult.  He has things he prefer I chose, but I don't always make the right choices.  I'm glad He loves me anyhow.  I get it! 

Today was a mile stone for me.  I was released as Relief Society President at church.  Yaya was called in my place.  (over at Whispering Pines)  As I reflected this past week about the release, what have I learned, why now, what could I have done better, etc.  I came to terms with the emotions.  Angry because Yaya is my friend (gospel mother, more like it) I still wanted to work with her, and I didn't want her to have the burden.  Then I realized it wasn't for me to decide.  Heavenly Father was making ready for a change in my life.  I'm still not 100% sure what that change is, but I'll need the extra time to focus my attention on it.  Then I felt relief; it was such a big job, I devoted a lot of time to my assignment.  Today, I feel gratitude.  I'm at the end of a trial.  I survived.  I learned a lot.  I'm a new person, (slightly better I think, I don't always admit that to myself or out loud for that matter).  I've forged new friendships that won't dwindle just because we're not directly serving together.  Now it's time to focus seminary and scouts only at church.  School is going to be difficult, challenging and worthwhile year, and I have two very active teens that I am going to enjoy every last second of their activities and pray fervently, that we taught them enough to make right choices as they continue to grow in the faith and world.
I'm ready and excited for a new chapter.  I hope I can remember the life lessons that got me here.


  1. It's always such a funny thing when we're released from a big calling. So many feelings are experienced, at least by me: relief, loss, and eventually peace.

    Sounds like you are going through this one true to form. And yes, you are going to have a wonderful year!


  2. I remember being on our church council for 5 years and then going off. I felt such a sense of being "out of it", not on the inner workings of the church anymore. It IS a loss but then it is so much less stress too.
    Yaya is going to be a VERY busy lady!!!

  3. Wow! You have been in that calling for what seems like forever! I understand all of those emotions when being released. You are so awesome Stacy... such a great example of serving the Lord.

  4. I had to chuckle at yaya's comment! I think that when we are called to service, whatever that is, then it is our responsibility to perform to the best of our ability. However, being released from service, again, should be a time of taking a deep breath and thinking, "I did the best I was able to do. I'm ok; what's next?" Because there is always another place to fill the space/time that is seemingly left open . . .

  5. I'm so happy that you're in this place of transition. Endings always mean new beginnings are right around the corner. I hope you'll share with us how these lessons you've learned impact your life as you move forward.

  6. You did a great job, Stacy. Enjoy the respite, however brief. :)