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Friday, August 19, 2011

Week in Review

I ended the week reflecting on all the things that transpired.  Classroom, classroom, classroom was the bulk of my days.  Planning, sorting, organizing, sweating (no A/C), I helped our new intervention specialist settle in by organizing her room with her as well, (she just moved in from Florida, this week).
 I got my hair cut and highlighted for school pictures Monday.  I went shorter, first time in about eight years.
 Kayla is starting to get into soccer.  Running her to and from practice has been a big part of the week. 
 Soccer car wash at Burger King, the girls were earning money to buy the seniors gifts at the end of the season.
 Kayla is scrubbin hard on the Yukon.  I should have her do that more often. :)
 We took Yaya's advice and stopped by the local farmers market.  We got a gigantic cantelope and fresh off the stalk sweet corn. 
 We had a stray vine grow out of our compost pile.  This happens every year.  It's kind of fun waiting to see what we will get.  It almost always squash.  This year we got this lovely gourd and acorn squash.
 Can you believe it's time to start thinking about dresses for homecoming.  Kayla and her friend Meghan who's Dakota's date this year went hunting.  I think they each tried on twelve dresses.  You know, not a modest one in the whole lot.  We will have to do some hunting for cover ups, shoes and jewelry in the next few weeks.
Kayla bought this one.

Meghan is still undecided.  We are going to go back next weekend or maybe the weekend after.  Special times, it is exciting with all these things going on.  Watching the children grow up.  Seeing them make choices (good and bad) and learning.  I feel like I am doing a lot of learning with them.  Life is good. 


  1. I like your new cut, but I bet Kyle isn't too happy! What do men know? Man, Kayla grew up over night..love her dress and I know you guys will find a way to make it more modest and still be cute. I never had to do the dress route..boys are much easier in that respect! I laughed at the squash because I can't even get one viney thing to grow this year and yours sprouts from the garbage bin! Of course, I've never looked at the compost pile to see if we have a crop growing there! School is almost here, good luck this year!

  2. The dress will be darling once you figure out how to modest-ify it! (Wouldn't it be nice if the dresses our there weren't so skanky?)

    Darling girls. Glad you are having fun with them!