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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tornado turning into Order

Well, my behavior is tired today.  I drove Kyle to work today, and then ventured to my classroom again.  I worked the entire day.  Well, at least while he was at work.  I stopped for about 15 minutes when he brought us lunch.  It's amazing how much stuff I needed to put away.  My room looked like a tornado hit it as I was unpacking.  It's starting to show some semblence of order.  I have a ways to go before those kiddos show up on 8/23.
 I like to hang my Steelers pennent in Browns country.  It's always a great way to get conversation going with the boys.
 Ladies from the church donated some supplies for my kids who can't buy their own.  I really appreciate that!

It's always so clean and sparkly at the begining of the year. I love this part.  The anticipation, the wonder of how it's going to go.  Are we going to reach our goals?  Am I going to make a difference?  My new principal is going to be great!  I'm almost ready.


  1. Oh Stacy! I'm jealous that you're almost ready . . . and I haven't even started yet! But, your school starts much sooner than ours, so it's good that you are ready! I know what you mean about the beginning of the year. It's so fresh and clean and uncluttered. Everyone is excited and ready to learn something new. I'm headed to Learning Palace tomorrow to get some new stuff . . . I don't know what yet, but I'll know it when I see it!
    I'm glad your new principal is a good fit, too. You know you're going to make a difference! Here's to a fantastic year!

  2. I remember my kiddos going to Osborn (they called it Oddborn) and the excitement of the new year..all except Jordan..he never liked it! I know that school is really old, but I loved it and I hope the temps aren't too bad to begin the year...that was the bad part of the school, the crazy heat! I know you'll have a great year and your classroom looks awesome!

  3. Of one thing I am sure. You ARE gong to make a difference, as I'm sure you do every year.

    Good, loving teachers are such a blessing in the lives of their students.


  4. Hello stranger! How are you?! Your kids are SO grown up I would never recognize them! Thank you for the wonderful example you guys set for me. Love and miss you! Sister Hsu :)

  5. YOur class looks great! How nice of the ladies at church to donate some supplies...what a nice thing to do. My son starts back the end of August....but I'm not even sure what day it actually is...I'm trying not to think about it!

  6. Wow! I'm envious of how ready you look here. I always love the feel of a classroom just before the kids arrive. It never feels as clean or orderly again - until the next fall.