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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fall Sport Season Kicked Off

This is our first year with the two kids playing conflicting sports.  Kota is home and Kayla is away on Saturdays, at least his game starts at 10 and hers at 1 (and visa versa).  We have time to see both.  (Yeah, we have time to see both.)  Kayla is doing okay considering she's never played soccer in her life.  She was inches from scoring a goal Thursday, but no dice. 
This week we watched two soccer scrimmages one Tuesday, (they lost, to Mapleton, boo and won against Crestview, yeah).  The boys played against Tuscarawas Valley tonight.  I'm not sure who really won, they were playing two games at once only half field.  It was hard to focus on them.  It seemed we did very well, but they weren't keeping score.  Dakota only got to play for about 10 minutes tonight because he had his yearly injury already.
We thought that he had a fractured hip...turned out just a bruised bone.  I didn't know bones could get bruises, but they can.  The coaches had Kota call us from pictures today to tell us they were going to let him rest tonight so he doesn't get hurt worse.  He pestered them the whole game until they finally let him play at the end.  He did fine.  Better safe than sorry though.
We are glad the kids are out getting some exercise and enjoyin their high school life.  I'll have to admit, football (American) is much more interesting for me to watch than futbol (soccer).  Nevertheless, we will support the two by are presence.  I read somewhere that you spell love T-I-M-E.  They'll be getting a lot of it this year.  (Thanks Yaya!)


  1. I love soccer...but none of our boys played football..basketball was the sport of choice here. I had a bruised collar bone when I was in middle school..man that hurt! It still bugs me every so often.

  2. Glad no hip fracture! A bruised bone hurts, though, and I hope it heals soon.

    It's hard to split time when the kids play conflicting sports. We had to do that often once our boys were in high school.


  3. Hi Stacy! Thanks for your many wonderful and encouraging comments! I always look forward to hearing from you!

    I bruised my ribs a year ago in a fall, and I didn't even actually hit them! Pain and agony! I hadn't known you could bruise bones either until then. Glad it wasn't more serious for Dakota.
    We had what felt like a hundred years of soccer; talk about T-I-M-E! Both girls and my son played from babies (Kindergarten) through middle school. We lived on the soccer field! Then, the girls switched to gymnastics and my son to wrestling for high school. Still lots of T-I-M-E! But, that's love, right?!