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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Did I Accomplish It?

I was reviewing my goal list I made at the begining of the year.  I will have to carry some over to next.  I'm not sure of who started the tradition of goal setting or "resolutions" for the year, but I will still make them.  I feel my life with out things to work towards is pointless, even if I ignore the things that are hard for me to do, eventually I grab hold of the challenge, right?

1. Pray more often personally, not just at meals (better, but not where I'd like it to be)
2. Learn how to do something new (I learned how to make truffles this year)
3. See a moose in the wild (maybe when we go to Maine?) (Not yet, didn't make it to Maine)
4. Go to Maine on Vacation (hopefully with our friends Casey and Christina) (wasn't in the budget and we won't make it in 2012 either)
5. Survive my school year, hopefully cheerfully (I've got a tought group this year) I survived, and that tough group of 5th graders that I had for just one class, I now have all day.  I'm still surviving and even learning to like them.
6. Maybe look for an Administration position (not sure if I'm ready yet)
I looked, even thought I might have one, but it didn't pan out.  I'm not sure if I'm going to look this year.  I might want to wait until Kayla graduates.
7. Learn to play the piano better Move to 2012 list
8. Scrapbook with my daughter a little, need to do this more, I have a senior next fall.
9. Read a book on my list (or two, three or four....) Ah, finally some success!  I read dozens
10. lose 20 pounds (or more, but you have to start somewhere)  I lost some, and gain some, time to lose some more (this is my never ending battle.)
11. Excersise with my husband before work 3 days a week we both quit this...after a few weeks
12. Take more walks  we did this, I need to make it a regular habit, it is so relaxing
13. Enjoy quiet moments with the teens we did this too, often
14. Get to MN for Christmas nope, but we are going in June, to check out colleges for Kota
15. Get to know my dad again still need to work on this

Although I did not accomplish everything on the list I learned a lot from the trials of the year.

I learned to perservere through a difficult school year and learned that sometimes I need to look past my own pain and try to understand anothers' pain to be able to be the better person.  I learned that taking the road less traveled on always brings greater joy and a sense of accomplishment.  I've learned to be a little more tolerant of people because I don't know why they are behaving in a way that is less desirable.  (I'm not always good at this, but I'm getting better.)  I've learned that despite the character flaws in my children I love them anyhow.  I am more grateful for their presence since the accident.  That has made our home a happier place to be.
I am happy and content in life.  I have things I want to get better at and my 2012 list will be long for those accomplishments I will want to strive for.  However, I will enjoy the days and be grateful for what I have, which is much!


  1. Great perspective! We were talking over our resolution lists too. I didn't learn to knit this year, but I'm sure I did accomplish SOMETHING! :>

  2. I need to move some of my goals over to 2012, too. I got a few of them advanced, but a lot of them didn't come to fruition. However, I will keep trying!


  3. I'm thinking along the same lines. I didn't make a resolution list last year and it shows! So I'm already formatting a list, checking it twice and it will also involve starting another blog...can I keep up 2?

  4. I really like the way you looked at what you did accomplish of your resolutions. It sounds like you had a really successful year. I wish you more of all of those good things in the year to come.

  5. Hi Stacey, I'm "catching up" on several posts I somehow missed! I guess I wasn't too good about it over vacation!

    I like the retrospection in this post. You looked back at what you meant to accomplish, cheered for what you did accomplish, and didn't beat yourself up for what you didn't get to, yet!

    Very healthy habit, I believe, to look forward, not back, and accept that you're moving in the right direction!

  6. Oh my gosh! If we didn't make those resolutions, we would never have so much fun laughing when we read back over them. I love to make them, reflect on them and see where my thoughts were at that time and see where I am a year later. I too, only partially, meet my goals each year, but it is fun to plug in all the add on goals that I accomplished throughout the year! Life is such an amazing journey...I love every minute of it!