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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nothing But a Scratch

I'm in complete humility today after the weekend I have had.  My son walked away from a wreck with nothing, but a few scratches on his left hand.

 He was coming home early at the request of me.  We went to the branch Christmas Social Friday, splitting from Kyle and Kayla going to her game.  I helped Kathy and Jack with a project so I had to leave early with Kota so he could get to work on time. 

As mothers and sons do from time to time we quarreled over stupid things  whether or not to take the Trailblazer vs the car and whether or not gas prices were cheaper in town vs closer to the church.  He was on empty in his car and I had him stop to get gas, which I was paying for because we thought we'd help him out this weekend and fill him up.  We argued over whether or not he had enough gas to get to work before I got him gas and compromised on getting a stupid amount of $10 instead of taking the time to complete fill up and unload my plethora of things at the church before he had to be at work at 5:15, while sitting at the gas station at 5:00.

He took me silently up the hill to the church and helped me carry my things in the building.  I set up my things frustrated at the indignity of raising teens.  Feeling like, why do I even try talking to the kid.  It seems when I open my mouth arguments are inevitable.

When he came back to the church it was as if nothing happened and he had a friend (which he didn't ask to have come) in tow.  Now, he was fine, laughing and joking while I'm still annoyed that he is so moody and I have to take the brunt of his swings.  He asked to go to another YM's house after the social.  I had to have him take me to the game.  With two other teens in the car, he takes me to the game.

In route he asks me which way is best to go, then argues with me over my answer.  His friend Chase, says, why are you arguing with your mom?  Me wondering the same thing.  I just said what ever you think Kota.  Just get me to the high school.

We parted ways, I watched the end of the varsity basketball game and got to see Kayla cheer a couple of quarter cheers.  I told Kyle about the early happenings and he wondered why I even let Kota go.  So now I'm arguing with my other guy....Ugh!

I texted Kota and told him to come home earlier.  I asked him to be home at 10:00 instead of 11:30.  On his way home he encountered a big buck and swerved to miss.  He over corrected his car and ended up rolling the trailblazer.  (stupid deer)

Kyle gets the call Kota rolled the trailblazer, my thoughts go from upset mama over disrespect and injustice, to grateful he's alive.  He has 3 scratches on his left hand, none requiring stitches.  No broken bones, black eyes, concussions, everything is working fine in his body, not even a sore muscle or headache.  MIRACLE!!!

I believe this kid was protected by angels.  He has some purpose to fulfill that we are unaware of yet.  I walked into church today with my son, instead of a funeral home to say my last goodbyes.  I'm so very grateful to my Father in Heaven for this blessing.  The gift of my son's life this Christmas will be one I won't forget for many years.

I am looking at Kota with a lot more patience than what I was earlier Friday evening.  Somethings don't matter as much now (gas prices).  I love you son, I hope some day you realize how much!


  1. we find how unimportant things can be when something like this happens. So happy that he is fine.

  2. So good to see him today, safe and sound.

  3. I'm so happy he's Ok...I hope you are too! It's such a scare and I think this will not soon be forgotten by him as well as you and Kyle. Hang in there and enjoy this Christmas season as never before!

  4. I'm glad he was in the Trailblazer because that probably offered him some protection.

    Funny how our perspective can change in a flash, isn't it?

    What a relief that he is okay.


  5. Wow that made me cry. I couldn't believe it when Kyle texted me the picture and he said Kota just had a few scratches. My first thought was also that he had angels with him. I love that kid and am so glad he's alright.

  6. Humility is hard to swallow as a mamma. Glad all's well that ends well. What a story!!!

  7. Oh Stacey, of course this made me cry! I'm so glad that Kota was protected and you have your son. Truly, I am so glad. Give him a hug from me.