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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Happenings

 Every year at Osborn Elementary we have a Santa Breakfast.  My kids come in with me to help volunteer.  I signed us up for an hour shift, but Kayla ended up helping for the entire thing.  (I graded papers for a bit).  I really enjoy giving service and so do my children.
 Kayla and Kenzie are helping decorate the tree last week.
 Kyle cutting down the tree on our annual outing to collect a tree from Grandma's.
This is the biggest tree we have gotten so far.  It is fun having the live tree and walking into the pine aroma every night after work.

Sunday, we watched the Christmast Devotional on BYU TV.  I always feel like the Christmas season can start after I watch that program.  I really enjoyed the new vinette the Church is doing.

A lot is happening, which makes for great memories. 


  1. I agree. Those vignettes are going to be wonderful. I'm excited to know that we will be offering them to everyone via the internet.

    What a cool tree!


  2. I enjoyed the Devotional but I'm still struggling with the Christmas spirit thing this year. Maybe when I get all my decorating done it will help. I guess that means we need to put our tree up. We gave up on the live tree thing because of Cameron's allergies. Yours looks very big and it's more fun when the kiddos help decorate. They would keep the Christmas spirit going!

  3. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, wouldn't you agree? Thanks for helping me get into the spirit of the season.