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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Give Away

This is my first attempt at a give away, so I hope you link up my page and spread the wealth.  I will send a box of Christmas goodies to one lucky blogger by the luck of the draw on Monday 12/12.

Here is what you need to do.  You need to leave a comment on my blog and follow the challenge given on your own blog site, then link to my post.

I have been reading a lot of blogs where people are having hard times and not in the Christmas Spirit this year.  As I was reading a magazine of mine it had a Gratitude Challenge to get rid of the blahs. 

As any good challenge goes I will do what I've requested.

100 things I am grateful for:

10 Physical Abilities
1. Seeing: especially watching my children grow into young adults
2. Hearing: although I selectively ignore my family sometimes (okay, a lot) I enjoy my hearing
3. Tasting: who wouldn't during the holiday season
4. Feeling: warm bear hugs, blanket wrapped evening on the couch
5. walking: I walk up and down 3 flights of stairs several times a day
6. breathing easily
7. healthy heart
8. healthy cholesterol levels
9. dexterity
10. overall health

10 material possessions
1. my house
2. my Yukon
3. my laptop
4. my cell phone
5. my washer and dryer
6. books
7. clothes (more than I ever wear)
8. refrigerator
9. snow blower
10. hair dryer

10 living people
1. Kyle
2. Dakota
3. Kayla
4. Mom and Step-dad Tom

5. Dad
6. Kathy
7. Dee
8. Kristie
9. Linda
10. Susan

10 deceased people
1. Jesus Christ
2. Great-Grandma Steigerwalt
3. Grandpa Beninghof
4.  Grandpa Souleret
5. Captain Moroni
6. Gordon B. Hinckley
7. Grandma Sindeldecker
8. Aunt Bonnie
9. Uncle Jack
10. My brother Eric

10 things in nature
1. autumn leaves
2. water falls
3. sunsets
4. sunrises
5. gentle summer rain showers
6. lake water
7. oceans
8. ice crystals in the trees
9. 70 degree days
10. white fluffy clouds

10 things about today
1. my family
2. my job
3. giving service
4. my health
5. blogging friends
6. my daughter's choice in career (open house visit)
7. lunch with a friend
8. great new colleagues
9. technology
10. Christmas candy

10 places on earth
1. Upper Michigan
2. Minnesota Lakes
3. Hayesville, Ohio
4. Tybee Island
5. Savannah, Georgia
6. Leech Lake, Whipholt
7. Cache National Forest
8. Lake Superior
9. Grand Sable Lake
10. Mohican State Park

10 modern inventions
1. Internet
2. satellite TV
3. skype
4. blogger
5. microwave
6. mp3 player
7. smart boards
8. I-pads
9. electricity
10. candle warmers

10 foods
1. chocolate
2. warm pancakes
3. sweet potatoes
4. pizza
5. mozzarella cheese
6. homemade bread
7. ice cream
8. orange juice
9. grapes
10. clementine oranges
(I'm noticing a lot of carbs!)

10 things about the gospel (your religion)
1. atonement
2. testimony
3. Holy Ghost
4. line upon line learning
5. word of wisdom
6. prophets
7. apostles
8. scriptures
9. sacrament
10. repentance

It really was easy to make these lists.  When I was finished making it I sure realize how much my Father in heaven loves me.  It is easy to react to the things that are in our face daily.  It is easy to get caught in the blahs, but we all have much to be grateful for.  Sometimes it just takes a moment to remember.  (Someone remind me when I'm feeling blah later!)

My gift to you is to remember what you have to be grateful for, and a chance at a Christmas goody box.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I love your lists. Too bad I'm too lazy to blog, so I won't be eligible for a prize, but I think I will take up the challenge and make gratitude lists for myself. So very much to be thankful for!

  2. It's a good challenge. I'll see if I can get it done next week!


  3. Love the giveaway challenge..I'm not sure I can do it..it's scares me to have to try and "link back"....etc..But I will try! Thanks for all the help with the social...loved the video!