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Monday, August 27, 2012

Crazy 1st Week of School for All

So, where are the pictures?  Hmmm, it didn't happen.  I'm a terrible mother this week!  Nah, Kyle and I were leaving the house before the kids were out of bed.  Kota and Kayla started school on different days and it just never happened.

To recap the first week of 2012-13 school year.

Dakota:  Started his senior year on Tuesday, 8/21.  He is attending his second year at the Career Center and will complete his course work in Resource Conservation.  He is also taking an English, Algebra II, Government and Economics class.  He loves his English teacher so that will be good for everyone.  He gets his core classes out of the way in the morning this year and has his lab in the afternoon, which he loves.
Changes this year: Soccer instead of football, he is beginning to see life doesn't always go how you planned and is learning to make those adjustments.  It just has to be his idea.

Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight 155 lbs
Favorite Color: I don't know
Favorite Food: Food is my favorite food
Favorite Movie: I don't know
Goal: To finish school
(Can you tell he doesn't want to answer my questions?)  Yep, definitely 17 and knows how life is going to be.  But, behind all the macho is a big heart of gold.

Kayla is a junior this year at Hillsdale High School, she started Wednesday, 8/22.
She was accepted into a college program, but has decided that she doesn't want to do it.  No matter how we spun the idea she had to choose.  to pay more for college later  But, no used doing something you are not going to love.  Kayla is in her second year of soccer and is driving.  Independence is good for her.  She is such a mild mannered young woman.  She has a lot of self-confidence and loves to laugh.
Height: 5 ft 2 inches
Weight: does not want to share, but is dropping pounds weekly in soccer
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Hunger Games
Goal: To go on her first date (maybe that's mom's goal?)  She is old fashioned and wants someone to ask her out first.

Me:  I have more students than I've ever had before.  96 students divided between my four classes.  I'm sort of middle school style, but not for the entire day.  Can I say that I love it!!!  Even with a tough first day ironing out kinks in the transition.  But those kinks were all adult kink, the kids are great.  I'm excited about working with my students.  As always 6th graders keep me on my toes.  A lot of joking and working with mood swings and getting kids to laugh and learn is what I do.

Biggest change:  I'm 1 of 2 people that stayed in the building, everyone is new.  Getting to know the new staff members has been fun.  Moving everyone one's stuff was my least favorite, but we got rid of a lot of junk that no one wanted to get rid of.  So we are sparkling clean and don't have the baggage that comes with a lot of old stuff that no one knows what to do with.

Worst thing of the week: Dakota's alternator went out this weekend so we are sharing 2 cars and going 4 places everyday.  Good thing Kyle knows how to fix that.  We are getting the part tomorrow.

Busiest part of the week: 4 soccer games, open house for me, 2 scout committee meeting on my first day with kids, oh and I had to start grading papers again.  Yep, busy, busy!!!

On to the next week.  My next post will have Kota's senior pictures that I took to save me a lot of money.  Good thing because our checkbook is really getting hit now with new drivers, insurance, car parts,  etc.


  1. Happy new school year! your kids are on the edge of big things.

  2. Love that strikethrough! I can't believe you guys only have 2 teachers that didn't change this year. Wow! I am glad that you are enjoying things so far. Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Boy, you guys are busy!

    Loved hearing a little more about your kids...


  4. Saw one of your new teachers in surgery on Tues...just sayin! Busy is the word with kiddos and being a working gal..trust me, been there, doing that! Glad you love the kids and I know they will love you. Thanks for your help with scouts too..I really appreciate it! I can't believe you have a senior and I have one too..only my senior is my Granddaughter..Man I'm old!

  5. Heeeeyyy! Nice picture of Kota and Stella! I was looking at the pictures just thinking of our wedding and how little your kids were! Wow. Time flies. Also, I can't believe you are only 1 of 2 who have stayed at your school. Talk about change! We'll be in Ohio in October. Can we get together?