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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Golf anyone?

 To end the summer Kyle and I each decided to take a day with the kids Friday.  I worked full days every day this past week and I'm still not 100% done/ready for school.  With our district making its changes we had a lot of extra things to do this year.  It will be a great year, but it was a busy start!  Needless to say I was needing a day just to enjoy my kids.
 So what could we do that was fun and cheap?  We went mini golfing at our local park.  We spent a couple hours paying golf then finished off eating ice cream too.  My new favorite flavor of ice cream: Chocolate blackout!  Ymmmm!
 The kids were pretty good at getting par or close to par on almost every hole.  We laughed and encouraged each other.  I think I hold the record for the most Mulligan's needed during the game.  Kayla was too funny at a one hole when the ball hit an obstacle and rolled right back to her.  Kyle would break out strategy for every hole and the kids tried to follow what he said.  I tried, but gosh, I was terrible.
 I found that I did better when I only looked at my ball and not the course.  Too bad I figured that out on the 17th hole!  Oh well, we enjoyed ourselves.
Kyle, Kota, and Kayla were within a few points of each other, me...well 66 isn't TOO bad on a par 36 course.  I got the six part right. :)


  1. Fun day at the new mini golf. It's nice that someone donated all that was needed to make it useable again. What's in that icecream? Sounds great! Can't believe school starts already...but I'm so done with summer!

  2. Sounds like a fun day. I love putt-putt. I haven't managed to get to the Merry Go Round all summer. My goofy kids can't do dairy, so I have been a good mama and not tortured them by eating it in front of them. I may have to sneak out soon though before they close. I cannot believe how quickly summer has flown!

  3. Yay for family time! I'm glad you were able to take a day out to spend time with them. I love mini-golf, but sadly your score would look like a professional's next to mine. Especially if there are any obstacles, like windmill arms.

  4. Miniature golf is not my favorite thing to do, but it sound like you guys had a great time. And that ice cream flavor sounds decadent!


  5. FUN!I hope you have a great year!

    PS I like your new blog set up!