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Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet 16

 Yesterday, Kayla turned 16.  To surprise her we made a trail of Sweet 16 signs from her bedroom to downstairs.  She had to walk through this to get to the bathroom.  She is excited by stuff like this, and had twinkling eyes because of it.

The boys had to work so Kayla and I spent the day shopping at the Lodi outlet.  She got to pick out tennis shoes for her birthday present.  Plus we did some school clothes shopping.  The big presents will come Saturday at her party.  She is an excellent bargain hunter.  We found jeans 50% off the marked down price. She got two pair of jeans for $6.50 each.  And her favorite purchase of the day was her prom shoes for $12.50.  We ended up spending less for all of that then the regular price of the shoes.
 We headed to the Medina County Fair for the evening with Dad.  Instead of cake she opted for cotton candy.
 While there she got to see her friends goat.  It was really hot and crowded so we didn't stay long.  The most disappointing thing was the elephant ears that we purchased.  The tasted sour.  I think the oil might have been bad.  Kyle ate it anyhow.
 Today we spent the day getting ready for the big sweet 16 party on Saturday.  We made 48 cupcakes and frosted them in neon colors.  I think they are so bright they might even glow in the dark.
Wish me luck, around 20 teenagers are going to be hanging out for a few hours at Mom's tomorrow.  Thank goodness for the pool and a good weather report.  BTW, she will be taking her driver's test Tuesday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kayla! You have such a great mom. :)

    Good luck with that pool full of girls!

  2. Happy Birthday Kayla! You're as bright as those cupcakes! Have a great party!

  3. Happy birthday to Kayla. She got some great deals! And those cupcakes are gorgeous.