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Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Soccer Mom

 Since June we've been spending our Monday and Tuesday evenings in Wooster watching the kiddos run up and down the soccer fields.  The first game we went to was so cold we needed sweatshirts.  By the end we were sweating just from getting the chairs out of the trunk.  Sitting in 94 degrees for an hour wasn't much fun, but we endured to not miss out on the kids last moments at home.

 This one is just too funny not to post, but Kota threatened to delete my blog.  (So no teasing if you see him)

The difference between girl and boy soccer is huge!!!!  There are only a few girls who put on the speed the boys do in every play (at least from what we've seen.)  Our boy team has just enough players for the team, so they are playing the whole time with no breaks.  A lot of endurance goes into what they are doing.

In one week official conditioning starts for the kids.  They will be working hard and before we know it the real season will be starting.


  1. Ahhh...soccer..so much fun! Now I'm watching the Grandkiddos play. Cameron will start this fall. I'm not sure if Lexi will continue. But I think it's such a good sport to play. Plus it's fast...one hour and your over! Enjoy this time with the kids Stacy..it sure goes fast. P.S. I won't comment to Kota tomorrow!

  2. I miss those soccer mom days! My son played recreational, until he was in high school, and both daughters played until gymnastics took over in high school. Many, many hours on the sidelines, cheering and groaning, freezing or sweating! Every time I drive by the fields and see the next generations out there, I say a little prayer for them. Soccer is a great sport for so many reasons: learning teamwork, fair play, and plenty of exercise!

  3. Looks like every one in your family has their summer work...you with all that school moving stuff in the last post and soccer + practices in this one. Good luck!!!!

  4. I was a soccer mom once. It's a good sport!