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Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Will You Do In the Summertime? To Keep Yourself Cool

 You swim in pool to keep yourself cool!  Mom bought a pool a few weeks back.  She lives right around the corner from us; and we spend a lot more time there right now, especially in the recent heat waves.
 Guess who's having her 16th b-day party here?
Yep, it is so much fun and refreshing.  Thanks mom for giving us a place to cool off and do some aquatics.  It's been fun!


  1. we live near (not on) a lake so we jump in when it is hot

  2. I'd love a pool like that. I miss the little one we put up but it would have been a pain with the heat this year to keep it cool enough to swim in! Looks like fun and I still can't believe Kayla is going to be 16! Man I'm old!

  3. Oooo that looks so nice!! I wish we had more access to a pool.

  4. So nice to have a pool close by! Wonderful memories are going to be made there!

  5. Lucky you! I wish our weather were warm enough to need a pool. When it is, we make do with the river, or a movie. I hope you're enjoying the quickly waning days of your summer.

  6. We love our pool. Nothing better on a hot day. And I go in at night, which is my fave.