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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Classroom Coming Together

 This is one of five tables still loaded with stuff to find a new home.  I've worked in my classroom between 2-6 hours several days for the last couple of weeks.  Emptying, stacking, sorting, placing items where I think they should go.  Moving things around when I like something else a bit better.
 Whittling down the piles hours after sweat filled hours.  I see a lot of my colleagues doing the same thing.
 I have been lying awake at night just thinking of all the things that need done so I can get to the lessons.  I have three weeks until I have students.  Can you believe it?  Three weeks.  I have meetings with my new team, meeting with the new Building Leadership Team, meetings for grade level facilitators, etc.  Each of these three weeks will be filled with unpacking, opening new supplies, getting ready for the students.
So after a few days, I've made it.  All the boxes are accounted for.  I cleaned off the five tables of stuff today in a marathon day.  I worked Kyle's work schedule.  He dropped me off at 7 am and picked me up at 3:30. I stopped long enough to eat lunch with my kids and was back at it.  I only have a few more posters, curtains, and my desk to tackle.  Then the room will official be done.  Yeah!  A little whiny, but I'm tired.


  1. Looks good Stacy! Lots of hard work but the students will be thrilled to sit in those desks in a few weeks...OK, so I'm dreaming! Enjoy the last of summer when you can!

  2. Well, Stacy, now for the planning! I'm always so glad to finally get to that part! You start about a month before we do . . . and get out about a month before! I envy you the early out, but not the early start! When all is said and done, we all do the same amount of days, they're just distributed differently!

    I've been going in on Tuesdays for a bit, as the school library is open all summer that day. Plus there is an ELL boost class going on, so I check in with my kiddos that are ELL.

    I will be putting in some full days in about two weeks, getting my room ready! We don't start until after Labor day, though!

  3. Don't forget to take a few days for yourself before classes start. Go enjoy that pool a bit more. :)

  4. A new year on the way...

    Reading your blog at this time of year always reminds me of my sister, who is also a teacher and puts great thought and effort into every detail, as you do.