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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Michigan Return Trip

We enjoyed out return trip home a little bit more than we paid attention to the clock.  We decided that we only go into Upper Michigan every once in awhile and instead of racing home we were going to enjoy ourselves.  That made everyone happy.  We saw Smokey the Bear signs along the way.  On the way up the signs said low chance of forest fires.  On the way home we saw moderate and high chances of forest fire depending on the area we were in.
 We booked a room in Munising on the way home too.  And had to go back to Sandy Point Beach.  We were 1 of 3 families there.  It was gorgeous.

 Saturday we woke up and decided to take one more detour.  We were 41 miles from Grand Maris.  We loved that little town the last time we were up and I really wanted to get some pretty rocks for my 1st primary lesson.  We weren't disappointed with the view either.  Superior has in this area a rocky beach.  The rocks are rolled and tumbled in the lake to make them smooth and beautiful.  I was able to get enough for my kids to have a prayer rock.  They were pretty excited to pick from the rock basket the next day.

 When your in Grand Maris you can't skip Grand Sable Lake either.  Plus, it gave me some more opportunities at senior picture shots.

 And why not get some Junior year shots while we're at it!
 This dune is three to four stories high.  Of course you have to climb it.  They were so funny coming down.
 Lessons in physics and gravity were being applied.  They'd jump and see how far down they could go.  Kota dropped about 10 feet in one jump.  They laughed and giggled the whole way down. That was a grand end to the MN/MI vacation of '12.  We have a pretty normal week back in Ohio.  I got some work done in my classroom, I taught summer school, Kayla and I went shopping for back to school clothes, and I enjoyed cake for my 37th B-day.
Not much when a week ago we were dipping our toes in Lake Superior, but everyday can't be a vacation day I suppose.


  1. Looks like lots of fun to me. And I love smooth ocean-tumbled stones...


  2. I like the pics...I didn't know you saw Bigfoot! Awesome! Nice birthday cake...did Kyle bake it? Even though our kiddos are leaving Mich. for the West coast, I want to go up and see some of those lovely sights one day.

  3. Sounds like a great family vacation! Those memories last forever, and hold families together, don't you think?

    I'm a rock collector too! I was picking up rocks in France all over the place, but I didn't get enough for all of my students. I'll keep collecting over the summer, though.

  4. I hope your lesson went well. I had a prayer rock that I kept for more than 20 years before it disappeared. My teacher wasn't quite as considerate though--it was very rough, totally impossible to accidentely fall asleep on. (Which of course means that it didn't live on my pillow like it should have.)
    Good to have you back in town!