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Thursday, July 5, 2012

We're Going on a Bear/Moose Hunt

One of the nice things being in the northern states is the opportunity to look for black bear and moose.  I really want to see them in the wild.  So all through upper Michigan and our trip up to Ely we searched the ditches and looked deep into the forest as we were whizzing by.
Once we were in Robin's area we got to take a canoe out on to Oxyoke Lake, which is about 2-3 miles from their house.  I think this was my favorite part about the trip.
 We could see all kinds of fish as we paddled the canoe.  In Ohio it's hard to see the bottom of most lakes I've been on.  The MN lakes are crystal clear.
 I just missed a Northern Pike in this shot, but this is about 10 feet down to the bottom.  Amazing that we can see it.
 On our hunt for bear and moose we saw much wildlife.  Ducks...
 ...a blue heron
 ...three Common Loon families (I love this about the North, their song is awesome to hear)  We were up close and personal with the loons.  Kyle rowed us through the reeds and they were right there.  I really enjoyed this canoe trip.
...we saw chipmunks and white-tailed deer, but no moose or black bear.  I guess we'll have to go again and try another time.  Shucks!


  1. Is that why Katos nick name is Moose? Good pics by the way and also Happy Birthday!

  2. Hope you had a terrific birthday - sure looks like you are in the right place for one. :)

  3. How cool is that? Happy Birthday!!