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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Building Chairman

I like to work hard and serve.  This quirk of mine usually has me volunteering for additional jobs wherever I may be.  So in the academic world, I am on our Building Leadership Team (BLT), I am grade level facilitator (like a department chair), and I'm the Osborn Elementary (Intermediate now) Building Chairman.  As I've mention earlier our school district is consolidating.  We are going from 5 elementary buildings to 4.  Everyone in May packed up everything they had and moved.  What a big task that was.  Now everyone that moved is beginning to unpack those boxes.
My job this past week has been to consolidate the guided reading books from two buildings into one.  30 boxes, sweat, a lot of sore muscles, and 2 1/2 days later, I can say its done!  Phew, glad that's over.  I drive Kyle nuts, because when projects like this needs done I feel like I'm in chaos until it's complete.  You know how things like that look worse before it gets better.  I unpacked about 14 more boxes in my own classroom and made a small dent.  There is a lot of work left to do.

For me, it's just going to be one box at a time.


  1. You are the Yoda of organization and I know it will all come together great. Good luck with your new teachers, classes, students, and tasks. It's amazing how fast this summer is going. In some respects I'm glad, but I hate wishing my life away!

  2. Kind of a tough way to spend the summer weeks. I hope you're getting some satisfaction from all your organizing.

    I have a box of teacher's guides for our new reading adoption sitting close by, but I'm thinking I won't open it until some time in August. :-)

  3. Sounds like Osborn is in good hands. You are the best organizer/doer I know. Now sit down and rest a minute before the summer is over!

  4. Daunting tasks, one and all! Good for you. Everyone appreciates your efforts, I'm sure. I know if I was teaching in your building, I would!

    Hope you can grab a bit of what's left of your summer to relax a bit! I know you head back about a month earlier than we do.

  5. Sounds like quite the project. And it's clearly in good hands!


  6. Boy and I thought I was stuck with a pack of work to do. Has kept me from blogging as regularly and from visiting, but I'm determined to do more now. Careful on your back now!

  7. There is nothing more rewarding than good honest work, making the most out of every day is what life is all about...... you should let those couch potatoes have a copy of what you do each day.......