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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Party in Grandma's House Last Night

 Nothing like taking three days to celebrate your one and only 16th birthday.  We had double parties for Kayla Saturday.  The first being with Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.  I ordered her cake from our local bakery Hawkins.  We asked for pink, orange, turquoise and lime green.  Do you see turquoise?  I don't.  When they ask you if the cake looks okay, what do you say if you don't like the ugly green flowers that are supposed to be another color?  Oh, well it tasted fine.

 She officially gets to have her car, though she needs to earn her licence so she can drive it with out us.

 This was the reaction after almost every gift.  There is something special about 16 that grandparents give extra bucks for gas money.  She sure has some thank you cards to write.
 Phew, one party down, then on to the next.  The teens came over at 7pm to enjoy the pool, lots of snacks, games, and Wii Just Dance 3 on the deck.

 The festivities lasted until 10 pm and the kids had a great time.  6 of the 15 that RSVP showed.  So we have a ton of junk food left.
 We got to enjoy the Tiki torches that we purchased and Yaya from Whispering Pines let us borrow.  We didn't have her outdoor party bad luck.  However a thunderstorm blew in 30 minutes after the kids left.  Thank goodness we had everything taken down.

Overall it was a great, long, exhausting, very fun, whatever my daughter wanted for her 16th party, good time.  I'm glad they only turn 16 once.  Next big party graduation for Kota this spring.


  1. So exciting to be 16 I wish I were 16 boo hoo. but I want to know what I know now. A car very exciting.

  2. You are only 16 once, and I'm so glad that your daughter had a wonderful party weekend! So fun to get a car, but oh, now those fearful nights of waiting for her to get home! I'm still a worrier, and the girls are 21 and 23! It never ends!

  3. I'm glad she had a fun birthday! Glad the torches didn't bring my weather bad luck charm too! (we did need that rain though). A car? Wow, one lucky kiddo! Hey, why did 15 rsvp but not all show? I hate when that happens. They missed out on a great night. Happy Birthday Kayla! (I remember my 16th..a surprise party...I don't like those as much as planned ones!)

  4. Looks like fun! Too bad about all the no-shows, I'll have to come visit. :)