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Friday, August 31, 2012

Senior 2012-2013

I can't believe this is reality.  It seems like just yesterday we were making small decisions.  Now he is deciding things like what is the best job pre-college and mission to save the most money.  Is he going to run track his senior year and work and get out of school early once he turns 18.  He's so old, yet so young in the same time.  I cried a few times trying to get my thoughts together for this post.  

Here are my favorites of what I have taken so far of his senior pictures.  I still have a few to get, like one in a suit and tie for the yearbook.  I want one with his fox.  Some in the fall leaves, but here are the favs thus far.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Crazy 1st Week of School for All

So, where are the pictures?  Hmmm, it didn't happen.  I'm a terrible mother this week!  Nah, Kyle and I were leaving the house before the kids were out of bed.  Kota and Kayla started school on different days and it just never happened.

To recap the first week of 2012-13 school year.

Dakota:  Started his senior year on Tuesday, 8/21.  He is attending his second year at the Career Center and will complete his course work in Resource Conservation.  He is also taking an English, Algebra II, Government and Economics class.  He loves his English teacher so that will be good for everyone.  He gets his core classes out of the way in the morning this year and has his lab in the afternoon, which he loves.
Changes this year: Soccer instead of football, he is beginning to see life doesn't always go how you planned and is learning to make those adjustments.  It just has to be his idea.

Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight 155 lbs
Favorite Color: I don't know
Favorite Food: Food is my favorite food
Favorite Movie: I don't know
Goal: To finish school
(Can you tell he doesn't want to answer my questions?)  Yep, definitely 17 and knows how life is going to be.  But, behind all the macho is a big heart of gold.

Kayla is a junior this year at Hillsdale High School, she started Wednesday, 8/22.
She was accepted into a college program, but has decided that she doesn't want to do it.  No matter how we spun the idea she had to choose.  to pay more for college later  But, no used doing something you are not going to love.  Kayla is in her second year of soccer and is driving.  Independence is good for her.  She is such a mild mannered young woman.  She has a lot of self-confidence and loves to laugh.
Height: 5 ft 2 inches
Weight: does not want to share, but is dropping pounds weekly in soccer
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Hunger Games
Goal: To go on her first date (maybe that's mom's goal?)  She is old fashioned and wants someone to ask her out first.

Me:  I have more students than I've ever had before.  96 students divided between my four classes.  I'm sort of middle school style, but not for the entire day.  Can I say that I love it!!!  Even with a tough first day ironing out kinks in the transition.  But those kinks were all adult kink, the kids are great.  I'm excited about working with my students.  As always 6th graders keep me on my toes.  A lot of joking and working with mood swings and getting kids to laugh and learn is what I do.

Biggest change:  I'm 1 of 2 people that stayed in the building, everyone is new.  Getting to know the new staff members has been fun.  Moving everyone one's stuff was my least favorite, but we got rid of a lot of junk that no one wanted to get rid of.  So we are sparkling clean and don't have the baggage that comes with a lot of old stuff that no one knows what to do with.

Worst thing of the week: Dakota's alternator went out this weekend so we are sharing 2 cars and going 4 places everyday.  Good thing Kyle knows how to fix that.  We are getting the part tomorrow.

Busiest part of the week: 4 soccer games, open house for me, 2 scout committee meeting on my first day with kids, oh and I had to start grading papers again.  Yep, busy, busy!!!

On to the next week.  My next post will have Kota's senior pictures that I took to save me a lot of money.  Good thing because our checkbook is really getting hit now with new drivers, insurance, car parts,  etc.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Golf anyone?

 To end the summer Kyle and I each decided to take a day with the kids Friday.  I worked full days every day this past week and I'm still not 100% done/ready for school.  With our district making its changes we had a lot of extra things to do this year.  It will be a great year, but it was a busy start!  Needless to say I was needing a day just to enjoy my kids.
 So what could we do that was fun and cheap?  We went mini golfing at our local park.  We spent a couple hours paying golf then finished off eating ice cream too.  My new favorite flavor of ice cream: Chocolate blackout!  Ymmmm!
 The kids were pretty good at getting par or close to par on almost every hole.  We laughed and encouraged each other.  I think I hold the record for the most Mulligan's needed during the game.  Kayla was too funny at a one hole when the ball hit an obstacle and rolled right back to her.  Kyle would break out strategy for every hole and the kids tried to follow what he said.  I tried, but gosh, I was terrible.
 I found that I did better when I only looked at my ball and not the course.  Too bad I figured that out on the 17th hole!  Oh well, we enjoyed ourselves.
Kyle, Kota, and Kayla were within a few points of each other, me...well 66 isn't TOO bad on a par 36 course.  I got the six part right. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Donations Please

For the past several years the ladies of my church have collected school supplies for the students of my class that are not able to purchase their own.   I have really appreciated this service.  This year is not unlike the last few and I brought in my bounty of supplies to share with the kids.

In the spur of the moment decision I divide the pile of goodies into four.  Give some of the supplies to each of the new members of our 6th grade team.  The reaction from those teachers was so great that when thinking about it later it brought tears to my eyes.

How can a small pile of school supplies mean so much to a bunch of people?  I have always appreciated those supplies and have been thankful to not have to spend much of my personal money to help kids have needed supplies.  As I looked at those supplies with the gleeful enthusiasm of my colleagues I was glad I listened to that quick thought of dividing the supplies and sharing the smiles with my friends.

Serving the community has always been a big part of Relief Society and the blessings seem so much richer this year.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Driving Miss Kayla

She did it.  She passed her driver's test.  And is officially a licensed driver.  Ah, bittersweet for her mama.  It is hard to watch them go the first time without you.  One more reminder that they are growing up, way faster than I want.

We couldn't have wiped the smile off her face if we wanted to.  She got to drive herself to soccer tonight.  She wanted to drive to her friends house after the game and spend the night.  Yep, officially preparing to leave the nest.

This is what we raise them for right...To grow into competent young adults?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Party in Grandma's House Last Night

 Nothing like taking three days to celebrate your one and only 16th birthday.  We had double parties for Kayla Saturday.  The first being with Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.  I ordered her cake from our local bakery Hawkins.  We asked for pink, orange, turquoise and lime green.  Do you see turquoise?  I don't.  When they ask you if the cake looks okay, what do you say if you don't like the ugly green flowers that are supposed to be another color?  Oh, well it tasted fine.

 She officially gets to have her car, though she needs to earn her licence so she can drive it with out us.

 This was the reaction after almost every gift.  There is something special about 16 that grandparents give extra bucks for gas money.  She sure has some thank you cards to write.
 Phew, one party down, then on to the next.  The teens came over at 7pm to enjoy the pool, lots of snacks, games, and Wii Just Dance 3 on the deck.

 The festivities lasted until 10 pm and the kids had a great time.  6 of the 15 that RSVP showed.  So we have a ton of junk food left.
 We got to enjoy the Tiki torches that we purchased and Yaya from Whispering Pines let us borrow.  We didn't have her outdoor party bad luck.  However a thunderstorm blew in 30 minutes after the kids left.  Thank goodness we had everything taken down.

Overall it was a great, long, exhausting, very fun, whatever my daughter wanted for her 16th party, good time.  I'm glad they only turn 16 once.  Next big party graduation for Kota this spring.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet 16

 Yesterday, Kayla turned 16.  To surprise her we made a trail of Sweet 16 signs from her bedroom to downstairs.  She had to walk through this to get to the bathroom.  She is excited by stuff like this, and had twinkling eyes because of it.

The boys had to work so Kayla and I spent the day shopping at the Lodi outlet.  She got to pick out tennis shoes for her birthday present.  Plus we did some school clothes shopping.  The big presents will come Saturday at her party.  She is an excellent bargain hunter.  We found jeans 50% off the marked down price. She got two pair of jeans for $6.50 each.  And her favorite purchase of the day was her prom shoes for $12.50.  We ended up spending less for all of that then the regular price of the shoes.
 We headed to the Medina County Fair for the evening with Dad.  Instead of cake she opted for cotton candy.
 While there she got to see her friends goat.  It was really hot and crowded so we didn't stay long.  The most disappointing thing was the elephant ears that we purchased.  The tasted sour.  I think the oil might have been bad.  Kyle ate it anyhow.
 Today we spent the day getting ready for the big sweet 16 party on Saturday.  We made 48 cupcakes and frosted them in neon colors.  I think they are so bright they might even glow in the dark.
Wish me luck, around 20 teenagers are going to be hanging out for a few hours at Mom's tomorrow.  Thank goodness for the pool and a good weather report.  BTW, she will be taking her driver's test Tuesday!