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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Happenings and other stuff

Sushi, more correctly stated; maki rolls, is the love of my family.  Any reason to go to The Lotus in Ashland on 1/2 price sushi night makes them happy.  Kyle got a late celebration tonight at the Lotus.

Over the weekend I made him is traditional meatloaf dinner with real mashed potatoes and asparagus.  He opted for a key lime pie in lieu of cake.  So we've been celebrating a few different times.  I suppose that makes up for not having time on the actual birthday.

On the other stuff note, I am in the winter blah state here, so much gray gets the spirits down.  To overcome those lows I have been trying to find the Light of Christ in my life.  You know really looking into the nether regions of life sometimes to find it.  You know when you're looking for it it seems so easy to see. (why does it take so long to remember this simple thing)

I found Him hiding in my marriage.  I sure do love Kyle and when I look at my marriage is sure is a beautiful thing.  I found Him in my work place.  When I get to have fun with the students and really listen to what they are learning.  I found Him in my home, when I listen to the promptings of prayer, FHE, and the beginnings of preparing Sunday lessons.  When I am seeking, I am finding and boy it feels good!


  1. I love long birthday celebrations! Hope you all enjoyed the food..looks good or atleast interesting since I don't like sushi and I think you have a wonderful family and have many reasons to be happy. Spring is really close..well, closer than last month!

  2. We love sushi in my household, too! And, what better way to quench those gray days than with the father of light!