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Monday, February 18, 2013

Winds of Change

There are points in life where things just can't get any better than this.  Where life is great.  Where you realize you were lucky to be there.  You have any of those moments?  I got called to teach the youth Sunday School class on Sundays. I am SO EXCITED to do this.  I have been wanting to work with the youth for a long time.  If I could have picked my calling this would have been it.

 I have 16 bright-eyed and amazing students. (after week 1 of teaching).  I have been really tuned-into to them as a finished up my calling in Primary and have listened to my daughter and son in to the struggles and desires of the kids.
 Then one of my good friends in the ward forwards me an email with many apologies for the forward.  It was an answer to my prayers.  It was an answer to my own heart's needs, it was a great way to start with these precious souls left in my stewardship. 
You know when you are doing something really great and feeling good about yourself, then the self critic shows up.  Like you read the scriptures today, but when done you remember that you had to dust them off first.  Or you had FHE with your family, but then remember it was the first one in a while (like maybe 6 months).  Well the forward was from a blog I'd never read before and it was about drops of awesome.  This post talked about this very thing that I (like many others) do to myself.  It tells of how we overlook the awesome things we do and don't allow the Savior to make up the difference.   It is amazing how inspiration comes (sometimes through forwards in emails).

We (me and the youth) are going to focus on the good things we are doing.  Even if we just started doing them.  We talked about change and just one step in a different direction (away from wrong, or laziness, or whatever needs changed) will set a new course.  When we are lost, or distressed, or depressed or whatever is keeping us from feeling awesome, we rely on the Savior's healing power of the atonement.

Phew, this has been such an amazingly AWESOME experience for me, the youth were happy to put drops in the jar as I was teaching the lesson.  One was so happy when I added the rest of the water to the jar that he jumped up to help me.

I'm excited for this change in my life.  I feel a perfect brightness of hope in my life.  I see things right now adding drops to my bowl and knowing that my course is changing.  That each act of kindness, charity, is getting me on "drop" closer to being more like Him. 
I can only hope that as the youth collect their drops that they begin to feel how awesome they truly are!


  1. I read that Drops of Awesome post, and it was a great one. So glad to see that you passed that lesson forward. And it is super that you are loving your new calling. :)

  2. Sounds like you and they are going to have a wonderful experience together!


    PS. I would love to have that calling.

  3. I had the privilege of teaching YW on Sunday and they are a great group of girls..young ladies I mean! So respectful and attentive. Your daughter is one of them and she's wonderful. You have many drops of awesomeness and I'm glad I get to work with you in some areas and enjoy all the overflow! Loved you poster too and I know the kids will learn so much from you.