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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Babe

Today was Kyle's birthday.  It was such crazy day at work and packed with meetings that I didn't even get to talk to him until supper.  We met at KFC because that is what he wanted.  Ate dinner, parted ways with the kids and went home.

Yep, nothing exciting happens when you turn 41.  We hope to have a better celebration this weekend if he'll let us.  I need to make his favorite meal: meatloaf.

So what do you get a 41 year old for his birthday?  He wants to go to a conceal and carry class.  So that is what he'll be doing soon.  I'm not so much interested in that, he asked if I want to go too.  Naw, why would I want to be packin' heat in my purse?  That to me to me would be too scary.  I don't mind standing behind Kyle though.  (big chicken, go ahead make fun of me)


  1. Happy Birthday Kyle! Looks like he knows what he wants.That makes for an easy birthday planning. You can surprise him the weekend with a little something.

  2. Happy Birthday to kyle. at least he is going to a class most people just buy a gun get the permit and call it good.

  3. Happy Birthday Kyle...hey, I thought he was sick! I'm glad if he wasn't and hopefully he had a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday. My husband would totally think going to that conceal to carry class would be awesome. I'm with you. My kids get into my purse way to much to carry anything loaded in there. Yikes!

  5. Can't see myself toting a gun either. Can't really see my hubby doing it, either.

    More power to Kyle, though. And happy birthday to him! Hope he got that meatloaf over the weekend...