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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's X 3

Today was a tough day at work.  I tried to plow through that and have fun with the students.  We made construction paper hearts and heart attacked other teacher's doors.  Getting 12 year olds to sneak through the building without getting caught is the biggest challenge. (No matter how much modeling of being quiet and nonchalant in the halls, they think crawling around commando-style is best, but actually causes more attention)  This is the first year, that the principal came flying out of her office yelling because someone was banging on her door.  Once we explained what was going on it was funny, but phew that was close.  Crazy kids.  By the end of the day there was a lot of positive feedback.

I left bags of M&Ms for Kota and Kisses for Kayla on their table spot before school.  Then for dinner we made shrimp linguini and steaks.  My steak was just okay, but it just kind of matched the way I was feeling.

The best  part of today was sitting at my dinner table with everyone laughing and having a good time.  So to my three favorite Valentine's: I love you and thanks for the happy ending!


  1. Sorry that you had a rough day at work. Tom spent our 10th anniversary working late for parent teacher conferences. :( The kiddos and I did sneak in a visit though for fun. :)

  2. Sorry it was a tough day at work - glad there was no trouble with the principal in the end :) Happy belated Valentine's day!!

  3. Don't you wish EVERY holiday could be a day off from work? My teacher sis says always hard to be there when the kids are all worked up over a holiday. Sounds like you made it fun, though.

    And I'm glad the day ended well!