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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Personal Day Project

Something's are so good it worth writing sub plans over.  Going to the Bishop's Storehouse is one of those things.
 Today, I went with a friend from church to help fulfill our ward's assignment to work at the storehouse.  We enjoyed talking for the hour ride up there.  So much so, that I missed a turn and ended up on the turnpike.  Oops!  I turned around...are you allowed to do that?  Then I was so worried about turning around at the toll booth that I went into a pass only lane.  Oops, part 2!  The toll booth worker said you can't be in this lane if you don't have a pass.  I said, I just made a wrong turn and really didn't pay attention to the sign, can you let me through?  (Wonder what she would have thought if I'd told her I was a teacher who didn't follow directions?)  I wonder how many times a day that happens?  I sure did feel silly.

No worries, even with the crazy driver me missing the exit we still got there on time.  We spent our morning packing orders.  There were a lot of orders in these tough economic times.

I am always amazed at how many families can be taken care of by generous fast offerings from members of the church.  I am also amazed at how the Lord's grocery store is so much smaller than where I shop, but how it feeds so many.  It's always fun working with members; we bumped into to each other and got in each others way, but there was no arguing, or name calling, just happy, patient people working to serve those in need.  I wish I could have more days during the week like this...it just fills the soul with happiness.


  1. You're a good kiddo to take a day off and serve! I've never been to the storehouse..someday I'll get there, I promise! Hey, I almost stopped at the school to bring you cake too..then I chickened (is that even a word?) out...sorry, but I'll make sure to bring you a treat next time! Glad you had a good day..except for that toll booth!

  2. Sounds like a fun day. I'm glad the toll booth lady let you through. The storehouse is a wonderful place and it always serves to remind me how so many of the things I have are really luxuries, not necessities. Thanks for serving. :)

  3. I LOVE working at the storehouse. I used to be able to go on every assignment in our old ward - but here I never hear about the assignments because of the black hole that is primary ;) Glad you had such a good time. It's such a wonderful place to be!

  4. I really enjoy working at the bishop's storehouse. Always makes me feel good!


  5. How awesome are you?! I love working at the storehouse. I haven't for years! I'm so grateful for the welfare system of the Church.