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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Successful Failure

Today we were without kids for the entire day. (It is a weird feeling right now, I know I'll learn to like it, but now it's just plain weird!)
 They left at 9 am to have breakfast with other youth from church.  Then they were hanging out until a stake activity and won't get home until around 11 pm tonight.  We once again were thrown into being empty nesters.  Hmm...what to do?
So, we spent the day with my mom walking around the mall.
I decided, once home, that I was going to make a nice dinner for two.  You know, one that has big chunks of veggies in it, that would never be eatin' by picky daughter.
 So, I looked up a pioneer woman recipe for pantry pasta and got started.  Whew, look at me go.
 I sliced and diced, and sautéed, boiled and worked hard.  Mmm did my kitchen smell good.  The plate was even picture perfect.  See...
I loved it.  Kyle doesn't like anything that is sour.  See the green olives...yep, too many for him.  It was not his favorite.  Hence, the successful failure.  I made a great meal, but I didn't please every palate.  Fail! (boo!)

We ended with chocolate pudding with whipped cream.  I made enough for after lunch tomorrow with green sprinkles to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  That should be a success.


  1. All looks yummy to me! You'll get used to being just a couple again..then you'll wonder how you ever had time for parenting! Don't worry, they always return, if for nothing else than the food they hope you'll prepare and their picky palates will be grateful for Mom's home cooking! They also will be anxious for your advice...truly, it will happen!

  2. I love using Pioneer Woman's recipes! Your dinner looks great. Hope you had a nice day with the hubby:)

  3. Looks yummy to me! And you'll get the hang of that empty nest eventually. Don't kick Kayla out too soon though. :) Some days now I wonder what I used to do before kids. I know it must have been something...

  4. You are an amazing cook, Stacy. I would have loved the pasta, I just know it! (Oh, and of course, the dessert!)

  5. Ok, Stacy....now I'm hungry. Your pasta looks scrumptious! I'm with the other girls here...you'll get used to the empty nest. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  6. Wish I'd been there to chow down with you!