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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Welcome to Hayesville

 What do you do on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Hayesville?  Take a family walk.  This is our journey around our little village.  It only has one stop light and not much else, but we have enjoyed raising our family here.
 This is the alley across from our house.  Most walks go on this route because Mom's house is this way.
 We usually get barked at going down this alley, but today we just got some snuggles.  Kayla didn't mind.  It was so nice hit ting almost 70 degrees in the middle of March, we couldn't stay in.
 Then we walked back the long drive to my Mom's house usually to visit for a little while.  But alas, she wasn't home.
 Kayla and I talked about all the lazy summer afternoons we are going to spend in this pool at Mom's house.  Sounds like a good way to spend summer.  This will be the summer before Kayla's senior year and our first one without Kota. (sigh, I'm going to miss the big lug)
 This is the little café in town.  It is yummy when you are looking for a greasy-spoon type meal.  We usually stop in a few times a year.  I particularly like their bacon omelets for breakfast.
The Amvets Post here in town and a little antique shop that has quirky hours.  I've only been in once.
 We sure do love the Corn Crib, we get our lunch meats and cheeses here and I am often sending the kids for some random ingredient that I am missing for dinner.
 The Mayor's office is right next to our big old Victorian you see in the background.  (That's where we pay our water bill.)
 Here is the post office, convenient since everyone in town has a PO Box.  I walk less to the post office than Yaya does to her mailbox.  Kayla and I get our haircut at the Hairport from time to time.  The Opera House shows a movie every weekend.  It costs $3 to get in and popcorn is $1 a bag.  Love this place.  There were many a weekends that the kids walked over with $10, had a movie and concession all less than 1 ticket and bag of popcorn at the Cinemark; and were happy to do so.
Lastly is the barber shop where Kota has been getting his hair cut since he was 3 years old.  A man named John used to own the shop.  Kota was a crier and he told him he wasn't allowed to cry; Kota listened and we've been going there ever since.  When John passed away Laura took over the shop and Kota still goes.  Kyle quit going to the barber long ago when he started balding.  Now he just shaves his own head.

They only thing I missed was Kendig Park, which will have to be another day.  I hope you enjoyed our little tour de Hayesville.  Y'all come back now, y' hear!


  1. What a sweet little town. I thought we were great at 50.

  2. Ha! I remember the first time I came through Hayesville. I was invited by Jack to meet his parents.(we were still dating) They had bought a farm on 2175 and they wanted me to see it. Fresh from Chicago I was amazed at this little town. I kept wondering who and why anyone lived here and what could they do to earn a living? I never heard the term "bedroom community". I just felt so sorry for anyone who had to live there....yep, a dumb city gal but now I'm educated enough to know it's a cute little place with great people like you guys! I've never been to the opera house but I'm going to get there before I die...I promise!

  3. I've been to Hayesville tons of times and I never knew there was all of that there. That's cool! Such a tiny little town with super awesome people living there!

  4. I didn't realize your town was so small. And cute!


  5. Thanks for the tour. :) It was so gorgeous, and our family went for a walk as well. I have to say it's a bit easier being walked by my dogs than by my toddlers -- even with them (Tommy and Ellie) on leashes. :)