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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Final Stretch

I went to college today. I offically have 3 more on campus classes, 9 assignments and I will have a masters degree, plus 10 additional credits. On the pay scale that bumps me up two steps! Yeehaw!

I am very excited to be finished and be able to focus a little more on my two teens! They will have busy schedules again here in two months. We got Kayla's first letter from the High School today welcoming her and telling her what the dress code is.

The last day of 8th grade she said she would be wearing flip flops to school the first day of High School. Today she said she will be wearing her new Nikes because they are way cool, then flip flops the 2nd day of school. We will see as the new wardrobe starts taking shape.

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