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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sacrifices for Children...Wonder when they will pay off?

Okay, Okay so I was talking of all this free time I will be having without having to go to college after 3 more classes and 8 more assignments now, since I finished one today.

Kyle and I volunteered to teach seminary as a co-teaching partnership. For all of you who are not members of our church it is an early morning scripture study program they complete while in High School. Dakota and Kayla will be in seminary this year. We spent a lot of money in fuel last year and Kyle and Kota lost a lot of sleep with their 1/2 drive to seminary. So, Kyle got the idea of just team teaching it ourselves. I agreed to the team thing because doing it myself seems a little too overwhelming.

The Pros: Dakota will get to sleep an extra hour and I hope that improves the mood swings, (who knows with teenagers though, right.) Kyle will get an extra 1/2 of sleep and will put him back on his original schedule. Kayla will be getting up when she always has as well as myself. Kyle agreed to teach the first half of the lesson and I will do the finish. I found out that is only 15 minutes (I really get the better end of the deal.)

The Cons: Well, early morning anything for me...change in my routine, pay day Friday meetings will cut out some time. I'm sure the list could be long.

The Major Pros: we get to learn about Church History because we will be teaching the Doctrine and Covenants (History majors dream!) The early Church was in Ohio for a period of time so we will have a lot of field trip opportunities, and I get to have a regular family scripture study. (We all have to start doing things we know we are supposed to do sometime. Better late than never.) The other interesting thing is we get to work with Karl Anderson who is a church historian on the Kirtland area. My first meeting tonight was way cool! I learned that Zion's Camp actually marched through Hayesville.

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