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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was looking through my digital camera to see what pictures I could delete because it was full. I found a bunch of fun memories....

Eagle Court of Honor. Kota received his Eagle Scout Rank in January. Tommy Spellman was the last scout from our troop to get his Eagle Scout, 10 years ago. He came back to present Kota his.

Who knew teenagers could still be entertained by bubbles?

Memorial Day Parade in Hayesville. Kayla didn't throw all the candy she came home with 1/3 of the bucket left. I use ice cream pails to dump my compost in...she dumped her spaghetti in on the tootsie rolls. She is a ball of laughs!

Kayla's 13th Birthday we went on the Goodtime II cruise on Lake Erie. We went from Sandusky to Kelly's Island to Put-in-Bay. We had a great time!

Dakota and Kayla enjoying the Lake breeze!
It's fun being a family.

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