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Friday, June 25, 2010

Temple Date

It has been several months since Kyle and I have been to the temple together. The last three times we went...we went without each other. It was a wonderful experience. We had a nice time talking and just being with each other.

The other fun part about going to the temple is the trip home. we found a Krispie Creme Doughnut shop that is always making doughnuts in the evening. We get a dozen hot, fresh doughnuts right off the line. MMMMM! Kyle is so good though with his diet he only ate one. I'm proud of him for working so hard. I on the other hand ate my share.

Kayla and Kota always like when we bring them home the sweets too! Although Kota was enjoying the Wii at grandma's too much to eat any. I took a couple of scenic views from Mom's to share. The sun setting and the moon rising. I was much prettier than my camera shows. It was fun sitting out on the deck and watching.

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