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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cajun Crawdad Boil

Here is the second attempt. We learned from our first mistakes.
It actually looks good this time.
Kyle, Dakota and Kasey digging in. This is a finger-dive-in with your hands community meal.
I even made homemade jalapeno poppers for Kyle. They weren't too bad, I tried a couple myself.
Our nieces Kody and Presley. Doesn't Presley have a million watt smile!

Kyle has an infatuation with the Food Network Channel. I have to admit I also enjoy the shows where they are cooking, but I don't really like watching the ones where they are eating food only. In his watching of the channel he encountered a cajun crawfish boil and wanted to experiment. With all experiments the first one was a huge failure; as far as Kayla and I were concerned. We dumped the whole bag of crawfish in the boiling pot and ended up with antenna and claws dangling from our potatoes and corn. Kayla and I were so grossed out we ended up with something like PB&J. The boys were troopers though and plucked their corn and potatoes and ate everything.
Kyle wasn't willing to give up on the first try so we did try it again tonight with Kasey and Jenna being in town. This time we didn't dump the entire contents of the bag in the boiling pot we only pulled out the crawfish. It wasn't nearly as disgusting without the antenna and claws hanging off the potatoes. Although I have to admit I still didn't try them. I made BBQ chicken wings and salad for the girls.
Who knew we had cajun cooking in the roots, must come from the hillbilly lineage.


  1. Crawford Cajun Crawdad...what?? I don't think you should eat anything that crawls out of a creek...

  2. hahaha Thanks for the laugh! We have that down here in the south, but use shrimp instead. It's so good! It's called "Low Country Boil." I don't know though..I like the name "Crawford Cajun Crawdad" better! Miss you guys.