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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sack that Quarterback and High School

Every Friday Night and Saturday morning are games.
This was a nice drive 1 1/4 hours from home.
We have a decent JV, they will be really good as juniors and seniors
Falcon 74 is the Moose Man!
Where's Kota?
Kota ended up sacking the quarter back twice this game.
48-0 Falcons vs. Rootstown
Kota ended up with playing time the 3rd and 4th quarter of the Varsity game against Mapelton. We won that game 43-14. Mapelton scored twice when they had out mainly freshmen. We'll let them have those 2 touchdowns though. (for a morale booster, at least).

Who knew your 14 year-old would still want a binki?
It's hard to believe that my kids are getting to be so grown up. They are both in high school now. Kayla non-stop chatters about her day when we get home from work. She is going over to friends house to study already. You know they used to ask us for help on their homework.

It seems like time is just flying by. I wake up listen to Kyle teach seminary as I'm getting myself ready for work. It seems like my school day is a constant shuffle of students since I have 2 grade levels this year. (I'm more like a middle school teacher than an elementary teacher.) It has its pros and cons, but with my days going so fast, it seems like my children are disappearing right before my eyes.

Kota is doing better at being a football player this year. He is becoming much more aggressive. I was laughing with a co-worker earlier this week about; we spent his whole childhood telling him to play nice and not hurt other people. Then we spend his whole football season telling him that he needs to be more aggressive. Go after that kid, knock him down, not only knock him down, but make sure it hurts a little too! What contridicting parents we are. :)

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  1. Knock him down so it hurts a little??? Tsk Tsk Tsk, that sounds so mean! However, it does help with job security for me! I'm not much for football, but Jack sure enjoys it. Now I am for popcorn, hotdogs, and yes, ring pops! After that there really is no reason to stay!