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Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Kayla

Kayla turned 14 today. Wow, it seems impossible that she is going into high school. We had a busy day today. We finally got in from vacation at 9:30ish last night. We were so ready to be out of the car.

Today we slept in, because it was so good to sleep in a real bed. I took Kayla into get a state id, and opened a checking account for her. We did this for Dakota and it worked out so well, we thought we'd do it for Kayla too. This will give her a chance to get used to banking with our help. That way when she gets to college it will just be second nature to her. My mom got me a checking account when I was 16 for the same reasons.

So she has money in the checking account, a new wallet that holds checks, and a cool new id. What else could a 14 year old want? She is going to have a Hawaiian Luau party with a couple of her closest school friends on Thursday. I knew I'd need a couple of days to get things in order from the vacation.

We have the camper all unloaded and cleaned out to return to our friends. So vacation is offically over. We sorted through the mail, emails, and schedule today. Kayla and I went grocery shopping and filled up the empty fridge. Life back to normal starting tomorrow.

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