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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fast and Furious

It seems like since we've gotten back from vacation my life has switched from relaxed and stress free to running fast and furious.

It seems the list of demands are higher then the minutes in the day.

Thank goodness relief society is quiet this week because my family life and work life are taking over right now.

I'm getting my classroom ready and for anyone who hasn't set up a classroom it would seem like that wouldn't take very long. At the end of the school year we take down everything in the room and clean out shelves and desks so that the custodial staff can come in and wax, wash, and polish the room. It sure does sparkle when they clean it. But, the trade off is like having to move your kitchen every year. You know when you pack a kitchen to move how you have so many little things that it takes forever to unpack a box and put all its contents in the proper place? Same in the classroom. I spent 4 hours on 4 boxes the other day. Needless to say, putting up posters, returning, pens, pencils, etc to the proper locations has taken an additional several hours. Then we need to talk about all the books, binders and papers for lesson plans...My mom inquiring why I needed to spend so much time in the building yesterday...it just takes that long I guess. I still have several more hours of work to be ready for parent open house. In reality is takes about 20+ hours to have the room ready to go, just depends on what year you are in teaching. The more years, the more stuff to put away.

Kyle's grandpa Beninghof is not doing well, so we have some family in from MN. Kyle has been going to visit often. Plus, football 2-adays haven't stopped yet. We have had 4 Dr. appointments this week in the mix of everything.

You know, I'm not complaining I'm just saying life is busy this week. I'm glad I'm in good enough health to do it all in and have a great family that turns the other cheek when I'm tired and cranky!

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