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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Driver on the Road

Kota in my Yukon on the way to football practice.
According to the State of Ohio he can drive with me or Kyle.

Kota sat down next to me about 10:30 last night and said, "Mom, will you quiz me so I can take my permit test tomorrow?" The answer I wanted to give was no way, I don't want you driving, but I said sure. He did rather well, so I couldn't put it off any longer.

We were up an at 'em this morning and had him into the driver exam station behind Buehler's at 9 am. By 9:30 my 15 1/2 year-old has a permit stating he can drive with his parents now. So here I am in my Yukon with a newly permitted driver wondering, how much can I trust my son. I'm literally putting my life in his novice hands. I told him I wanted this to be a positive experience for the both of us...so when I say stop you stop and ask questions later. I also told him if I feel nervous for any reason, I'll ask him to pull over and I'll take over, we can argue about it later. If he didn't agree to these terms he would have to wait and drive with his dad.

Needless to stay the anxious teen took over the wheel agree to all my terms. You know, he did okay for a first timer. I was only nervous once when we went passed a bunch of cars parked on the side of a country road because of a yard sale. Other than that he listened (with out argument) to everything I said. (I'm very impressed, bet it only lasts a couple of weeks!)

I hope I don't get too many gray hairs over this, it's hard to watch them steadily gain independence and not need you so much anymore. I suppose this is what we've raised them for to be responsible adults, now we just need to sit back and watch them fly and only give advice when they need it.

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