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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lions, Tiger, Bears, Moles, OH MY!

Columbus, Ohio Zoo

Kayla spent the day with mom yesterday at the Columbus zoo. She talked about it so much for the past two days. She is my girl that loves animals. She really wanted to see Giant Pandas, but Columbus doesn't have any. Oh well, she couldn't talk enough about the Polar Bear exhibit. They got to go under where the bears swim. She got to see it chase fish for dinner. She really enjoyed it.
Dakota got a mole removed from his neck that has bothered him since he started shaving. We heard back that it was not cancerous today. Something to celebrate even though it wasn't a conern. Anyhow, it was the funniest thing I've experience with him in a long time. Here is my 15 year-old young man who puffs up when you talk about manly things. You know he thinks he's braver than what I do....He sees the nurse draw the needle full of novacaine....(now you see the toddler coming out, hehe)....He asks me when the nurse leaves, where is he going to put that...my arm or my neck? I said in your neck by the mole. His eyes get huge! Anywhere, but my neck. I said well it's your neck or keep your mole. Huge dilemma.
When the Dr. comes in Kota my big, strong, young man, says, Mom will you hold my hand. Wow. I wish I had a recording my son needs his momma when he's scared. Love it!
He did too, he held my hand all through the procedure. I thought the Doc was going to have a hard time containing the laughter, but he sat through the whole procedure with a huge grin. I bet that was the most fun he'd had with a patient in awhile.

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  1. Good job Kota...don't worry, I've seen grown men cry like babies when they have stuff done. I love the patients that come in with tattoos everywhere and then claim they are afraid of needles. Give me a break! Nice pics of the zoo too!