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Monday, March 7, 2011

Are You Prepared?

Are you prepared?  You know for a natural disaster?  or Just simply the electric not being on for a long period of time? We worked on our 72 hour kits tonight for Family Home Evening.  We have had our 72 hour kits for several years, so we were just checking expiration dates and changing the clothes for our growing children.
I never really heard of a 72 hour kit before being a member of my church.  Never really gave it much of a thought.  But do you know how many times straight line winds, ice storms, or tornado like weather have put out my electric for days?  Several over the last 12 years of being at our house.  These kits have food that we can cook over a camp fire and just add water to.  We have water filters that can filter any water we come across into drinkable.  It would filter our own urine if needs be, but lets hope we are never that desperate.
Kota waving to the camera while he was repacking his pack.  He did not have to change out his clothing, but Kayla did.  She would have been squeezed like a lemon to fit in those clothes that would have fit her 3 years ago.  I'll bet she would be glad to have those clothes changed out if we ever need to take our packs and go due to an evacuation of the area.
Kyle posing for the camera.  He is the work horse of the group.  His pack is holding all of his and Kayla's stuff right now.  He let a scout borrow her pack for something, wonder who still has it?
We are living up to the scout motto: Be Prepared.  Now we just need to start living up to the slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily, and we will have it made!

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  1. I like your new background..very Irish of you! I'm not prepared...not enough I should say, but we're working on it. The sad thing is I probably don't fit into clothes from 3yrs. ago either..or maybe the sad thing is, I do still fit in the clothes from 3yrs. ago! I'm feeling the urgency to get things in order..don't worry, I'm not talking about the funeral things...just to get my home in order in all areas. RS is helping that happen!