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Monday, March 28, 2011

Love Story

We stopped by Grandma Beninghof's Saturday to check on her.  To see how she was doing a little over a week after Grandpa's funeral.  We found her in good spirits.  She got to talking; and I don't remember how it came up, but she told us the story of how she and grandpa started dating.  (Don't they look great!, Grandma was a beauty.)

She was 13 years old when her brother Jim brought John Beninghof over after school.  She found herself with a crush on John and told herself she would marry that man someday.  We'll grandpa being 4 years older than grandpa did not pay much attention to her.  He fell in love with another girl and proposed to her for marriage just before leaving for WWII.

Grandpa recieved a "Dear John" letter telling of the other woman breaking off their engagement and marrying another.  Grandma said grandpa did not mind too much because he was too busy dating other women on base in Panama. 

Grandma said she worked at Sanitary Market on Main Street in Ashland, only a couple of blocks from the bus stop.  She said she saw John Beninghof walking home with his Army backpack slung over his shoulder right in front of the store.  Grandma was now 17 years old.  Grandma said she stopped what she was doing and ran to the telephone and called her mom, to let her know that John Beninghof was back in town.

Grandma Gilbert then called John to invite him over for dinner.  The night he was coming over, Grandpa was late for dinner.  They held dinner an hour for him and finally decided to eat.  Once they had just finished eating, grandpa showed up.  Grandma laughed about this, she said grandpa was always late and never paid close attention to details.  He thought he was supposed to come up after dinner.

She said her family sat around catching up with grandpa and listening to some of his stories from the war.  She said about 2 weeks later he called her and invited her to the movies, "the show," and she said the rest was history.

What a fun story for me to hear.  I can just picture Grandma running to the phone and calling home in her 1940s dress and red lipstick.  I hope to hear some more of these stories as we continue to visit her.


  1. We look at our parents and grandparents and wonder what it was like when they were young, and how it couldn't possibly be the same as when we were young..they couldn't be in love like we were. It's even weird to think about that..atleast that's what we thought when we were younger..then we get older and realize they too had a life, that they have wisdom to share and stories of love lost and love won..and it's wonderful to listen, write it down and enjoy our posterity..real people with real lives trying to get through every day..just like us. Great story Stacy!

  2. Great tale Stacy....beautiful love story!! I loved hearing my mother and grandmother's too!! This is a wonderful one!
    BTW...did I ever tell you that Stacy is one of my favorite names and i almost named my daughter that?? Stacy Starkey was just too much of a mouthful though...ha!

  3. Your grandmother was beautiful and things always seem to work the way they were meant to be. lucky you I wish I still had my grandparents so I could ask them these stories.

  4. Hi Stacy!

    This is my first visit and I really enjoyed today's post as my first course. This was a lovely story and, as Yaya says, these stories are important for passing down through the generations.

    I realise you're all going through a sad time, now, with coming to terms with your grandfather's loss, but it's these wonderful memories that help to keep us all moving forward in the right direction.

    Take care!

    Des xo

  5. This was a lovely post. Thank you for sharing, Hugs!

  6. What a fun story to hear, and I loved seeing your grandma and grandpa's photos, too!