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Friday, March 11, 2011

Character Word: Perserverance

At our school we have a character word of the month.  This month it is perserverance.  It is amazing how a word can get you to thinking.  I am a ponderer.

There are a lot of things worth perservering for...there are a lot of things I have perservered for.

Sometimes I sell myself short...I get distracted from the moment and let emotion take over, but after the whirlwinds are done blowing I find myself still standing...you know perservering.

It has been that way at work, maybe just the weather, but the whirlwinds are dying down and I remember why I want to be a teacher...

1. the lightbulb affect-when the student finally gets something that you have been working on...I had a girl bring me the book she was reading and show me a vocabulary word that we had just learned...look Mrs. Crawford I know what this one means with a huge smile.

2.  to make a difference-we found about about a child abuse situation today, sometimes we are the only stable people in our student's life.

3.  to share my love of learning - we learned about personificiation this week (giving non-human things human characteristics)  We acted out things we say, such as the smoked "creeped" around the corner.  The kids were giggling and raising their hands to act out the one they thought of.

These are the moments that make the bad days melt away.  It is amazing how much I learn from 12-year olds each week.  A lot of them have to perservere through so much more than I do on a daily basis. 

I love teaching, even if I mention my bad days, the good ones always out weigh the bad.


  1. Sounds like you are a very committed, dedicated teacher! My mother, too, was one and she felt much the same as you. She had a way of looking at kids that just "read" them...so helping them was her only goal. I know it's tough sometimes...but more power to you!!

  2. My husban and daughter teach. I know the trials and the joy. it is the most important job in the world. Thanks for your visit to my blog and blessings to you and your students.

  3. I've learned much from you and I'm not 12! (Well, maybe mentally!)You are a really good teacher and I enjoy the lessons you do at Church. You did an awesome job on Thursday BYW, incase I forgot to tell you...I wish I had had a teacher like you when I was 12.

  4. I admire you, I could never be a teacher, no patience, teachers have such an impact on children I can see you would be a positive one.

  5. You're the kind of teacher we pray for our children to get! I just got on the sub list....after being home for 8 years. I'm nervous and excited!

  6. You're exactly the kind of teacher I love working with!