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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break, Hmmm? More Like....

It's spring break for this teacher lady.  So I have been busy spring cleaning.  Monday I spent the day on the downstairs.  Shampooed the furniture, swiffered, dusted, got my donations ready for pump house ministries, fed the Elders, whew busy day.  Tuesday I decided I was on vacation and wanted to finish reading my book in my clean downstairs.  Kyle informed me that he was taking Wednesday off to spend with me.  Oh the possibilities. 
We decided upon going to Norwalk, Ohio.  Weird right, but it has such a nostalgic Main Street we thought we might run into some good eats.  Maybe some great stores and just enjoy something out of the ordinary: Walmart and Mansfield/Ontario stores.
 It's hard to see, but the red roofed building has a dragon on its spire.  Dakota would have gotten a kick out of that.
The clock tower was beautiful on top of the courthouse building.  We were recommended by a couple of people walking down the bitter-cold streets to eat at Berry's.  You know it was alright.  Kyle got his signature Reuben and me my Mushroom Swiss, it was very good.

  A shop keeper recommended this ice cream parlor to end the day.  It was very comparable to Mifflin Dairy Bar--smooth and creamy.
On the way home, it started to snow.  Can you believe it.  Spring Break with snow!
The geese aren't too happy about it either.  Brrr.  I think it really is just winter break part 2.


  1. You certainly were a busy housewife on Monday! I also need to get busy but keep delaying my good intentions :)

    Far nicer to spend a fun day together with ones husband even if it ends with snow and disgruntled geese! Thank you for sharing your outing...I love the red building with its dragon atop the spire!

    Hope you enjoy what's left of your winter break part 2!

  2. I laughed when I saw you went to Norwalk..to me it's just a place to go through to the turnpike to get to Chicago! Guess I'd better stop sometime since I love Ruebens too! Now that your house is clean, the next meeting will be there OK? Have a good week!

  3. I love those days when you don't go far, but it feels like a serious vacation. It sounds like your day was perfect. I hope the rest of your break is as satisfying.