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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The school district I work for is making a major change for next school year.  We are going from 5 elementary schools to 4.  We are changing from 5 grade K-6 buildings to two primary grade K-3 and two intermediate grade 4-6.

Change can be rocky and scary, but I'm excited.  I am a grade level facilator for 6th grade.  For the past four years we get to meet as a grade level twice a year to make decisions and work on improvements, etc.  Now instead of having 2 of us in a building we will have half of us.  We will be more uniform and be able to do things we've wanted to do, but logistically we weren't able to do.

As everything that changes there will be growing pains.  I look forward to the change and learning new things.  I think we will do great.


  1. This sounds like a good move. Looking on the postive side is not easy but good for you and good wishes with the change.

  2. What school are they getting rid of?

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  3. Sorry, didn't mean to reply to Christina, I meant to comment to you...

    So are you keeping the same position? Will you still be at Osborn? What is the breakdown by school? Which will Taft be?

    And btw, I did it... in fact I'm going to go do it again right now. blog that is. see, change is good. :)

  4. Hope it's an easy transition with lots of upside!