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Monday, March 12, 2012

Finito, Finished, Over, Done

 It ended last Tuesday.  I'm glad basketball is over, but if there is one game I wished the boys could have pulled off ...it was this one!  They fought hard.  The other team was so mean and unsportsmanlike.  I wanted our boys to walk away winners, the better of the two.  Instead they walked away with the loss.
 Kayla decided she is done with cheerleading.  She is not going to try out for the squads next year.  I don't know how I feel about that, she made so many improvements and could have made varsity next year, but she does not want to anymore.
 So we watched the end of her cheer days.  She is growing up.  She is starting to see the world for what it is now.  It was interesting watching her learn lessons about herself.  Sometimes she stood alone in helping others.  She was often last out because she was helping clean up things she didn't get out.  She often would roll her eyes over "girl drama."  She loves people for who they are and tries really hard to be a peacemaker or to stay out of drama.  She said, she is done with the drama of cheering.  She wants to focus on soccer.  I laugh because I too, dislike drama, but it seems to pop up even in my job from time to time.  So Miss Kayla is on to the next fold in her life.
 I attended breakfast at Yaya's house Saturday with Kayla.  Yummo!  She is the hostess with the mostest!
 I feel a bit energized by the motivational speaker.  She was real, she talked about real life struggles.  She has a busy life and 6 kids and figured out how to take control of her health.  What I like about her is that she was so sincere and honest about her trials with food.  I seem to always be around these cute little women who have the challenge of a few pounds to lose and wear a size 6 or smaller.  Then to top it off they ALWAYS talk about how fat they are when I wish beyond measure I could even be close to their size.  (I realize everyone has their own weight trial, but why are the skinniest the loudest about being fat?)  I hope to be like the motivational speaker and just start and see where I go!  I need to, it is just such an overwhelming task I usually deny and avoid the problem!
 We finished the weekend out at Kim's house, fulfilling a promise to take out Kayla's pistol and letting the nephews and niece give it a try.  Kaden and Kamyrn did pretty well, Kolton didn't even want to try.  (I don't blame the kid, I don't like to try either.)

It was a wonderful, sunshine-filled, 68 degree day.  Definitely in like a lamb.


  1. I was always glad when sports events were over in our family too, and a hectic schedule was done. I'm sure you enjoyed watching it all though and have great memories.
    Your morning at Yayas sounds like something I'm sorry I missed. I just love Shay and would have liked hearing her talkl. Glad it wa a good time.
    We loved having a good weekend too with all the great weather. Hope more is coming!

  2. It's hard to lose those close games, but I guess ya can't win 'em all. And there are lessons to be learned either way.

    Wish I could have been there to hear that speaker. And to just hang out with such neat women.


  3. Thanks for coming on Sat. I think Shay did a great job. Seriously, that was the best shot you could find for me? Uggg!!! I look so bad! I know Kayla will enjoy the soccer more than the cheering. Atleast she tried it and gave it a good run before making a choice. Sorry the guys lost but there's always next year!