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Monday, March 19, 2012

Most Improved

Kayla earned most improved cheerleader tonight at the winter sports awards assembly at school!  She worked really hard and was proud of herself.  Not enough to try out again next school year...

She also found out she was accepted into the college program as a junior in high school next year.  She will graduate high school with an associates degree.  She will be taking a bio science degree and will be able to be the veterinary technician right out of high school.  If all goes well, she will have an opportunity at a $35,000 scholarship at AU.  That should pay for her entire tuition if she chooses to go there.  She may want to continue on to be a vet later, but is unsure at this point.  Who has their life figured out at 15 any how?  I told her regardless if she wants to be a vet later she would need a bachelor's degree if she chooses to go that route and might as well go for the scholarship and degree with little to no debt, than skip the opportunity and then decide to go and have to pay for bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees.  I hope she'll see the wisdom in that.  Instilling wisdom in teens is a hard job, any ideas?  I am feeling like she is earning a lot of blessings right now!


  1. Take her on a tour of the campus or if you know a student there, they could show her a bit of college life. She might enjoy that and think that AU would be a good choice. I'm proud of her and tell her congrats from YaYa! That's really cool that she will have all that college behind her when she graduates HS...the quicker you get any degree the better and no one can take away that knowledge. Good job Kayla!

  2. such a proud moment for her and you. It is hard to figure out life at 15 lord knows I am still trying.
    She will be way ahead of some of her peers and lots can happen in the next two years.

  3. Wow! How cool is that??? I'm impressed!!


  4. Forgot to mention this and thought of it just as I was leaving your blog.

    My niece was in her cheerleading squad in high school. She was the "flier," and I HATED it because I was always afraid she was going to do herself in. Once they dropped her on her head, right on the hard gym floor. After that, I never enjoyed watching...

    So I'm glad your daughter isn't going to do it again...Don't want to put all those brains in jeopardy...



    What a proud mom you must be!!!