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Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness

 Early spring in Ohio, is leaving me wonder...what happened to winter?  We only had very little snow.  Is it going to snow again or is it really gone.  Either way I'm enjoying the 60 degree weather.  My hyicnths are beginning to come up.
 Kayla's specialized plates came in.  She chose her soccer number to go with it.
 We enjoyed such a great day where we were able to work in the yard some and enjoy the warmth and sunshine on our skin.
 I strolled around the house and took shots of whatever caught my eye.  I love this oak tree in our back yard.  It has an interesting texture to the bark.
The daffodils are blooming and showing off their brilliant yellow.
 Kyle cleaned up some of the leaf and bean pod debris and maintained a burn pile.
 He finally hung the bird feeder he got me for Christmas.  I laughed and said the birds won't stop by now, they have plenty of worms to eat.
 DQ is having their March Madness sale of by one blizzard and get one for 99 cents.  MMMM, midnight truffle is one of my favorites.
 Kota decided that he would like to adopt a fox kit.  So we checked them out.  He is on the list to get one later this spring.  I'm kind of excited about this, but nervous too.  He has done a lot of research on this, which is a miracle in itself.  He was looking this up when he was off school for a week with his mono.  He has a good plan on how he's going to make this work.  IF he follows through I think he will do fine.
Kayla is still practicing her driving.  She a bit jerky on her turns, but is already doing better than Kota.  (Shh. don't tell him I said so!)
 We stopped by Grandma B's today while out driving.  Her pond has really come to life.  The turtle was out sunning himself.  I tried to get a closer shot, but I scared him away.
 There were 1000s of tadpoles.  If I were the science teacher I'd have been fishing them out.
The cattails were seeding themselves out.  They looked nice and fluffy.  Over all life is good right at the moment.  Things are going fairly well, no real complaints, just the normal happenings in our life.  I think the hope of spring is touching us.


  1. Hi Stacy!
    Thanks for your sweet comments. And, thanks for missing me! I haven't seemed to have a spare minute to read blogs or write on. It took me two sittings and over four hours to finish the one today! Life just keeps interrupting, but in a good way, I guess.
    I picked some daffodils this afternoon, but they aren't quite open yet. I'm hoping they'll open indoors.
    I've heard of more kids having mono lately! One of the teachers I work with had both of her sons out for awhile, and now I just read that your son has it. My oldest daughter called on Thursday to tell us she has it!
    Enjoyed your photos and glad to catch up!

  2. Nice pictures! I especially like that daffodil. Did you get a digital SLR?

  3. All I can think of in conjunction with march madness is the basketball because that is ALL that is going on at my house lately.

    It's getting a bit old at this point..


  4. Yep, this is crazy weather for us..we shouldn't complain because I really don't miss Winter but I'm worried that summer has already arrived and it will be 100 by June! I refuse to mow the grass until April..it's against my law!