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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Games

Dakota did not have school Friday because of parent teacher conferences.  I took a personal day and gave Kayla a vacation day and we went the the opening of Hunger Games.  It seems a lot of students had hookie days.  We got their 20 minutes early with advance purchased tickets.  It was awesome.
It stayed pretty true to the book.  It was worth spending time with these two great kids!  We had a great day.
Kayla is having all the YW over tonight for a sleepover.  So I had to get in gear and actually get my spring decorations up!  I'm glad Kayla can help now.

 We even found the bottom of our table.  It's more than a place to collect things!
 I'm finding less is more the longer I decorate.  I really like the clean look and it is a lot less to dust around.
 Happy spring!


  1. I'm anxious to see The Hunger Games, too. Don't know when it will happen, though.

    My complete extent of spring decorating is a bouquet of daffodils on the dining room table (which is practically covered with stuff at the moment!) I can't take pictures cause it would be embarrassing!!

    Enjoy those kids!

  2. I just finished reading the book and I would probably enjoy watching the movie too. Maybe I'll get there before Easter! I haven't put up any decorations yet..don't ask why, I just don't know why! Your house looks great but it always does. I hope the girls had fun!

  3. I need to go along with the less is more philosophy. I am way too cluttered and find it hard to give up my treasures. But I have so many that you can't even notice them as much as you could if I'd select a few favorites.

    Trouble is, I can't figure out which my favorites are!


  4. Why had I never heard of this book before this week, and now I've heard of it from several people. Sounds like I have some catch up reading to do.

  5. Your house looks SO cute! I LOVE YW sleepovers! We used to have them here, but now I'm too old for them. hehe See you in four days!

  6. It's neat when you can do something special with your children that makes a memory. They will never for get it! -AND your house got cleaned too!!