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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Will Do My Best

At church we get what are called callings.  They are assignments, if you will, to help out in different areas of the branch.  I accepted the assignment to be an Assistant Den Leader and Advancement Chair in the Cub Scouts Pack of the primary.  It is a bittersweet calling.  I love Scouts.  I love the idea, the mission, the activities, and values.  That is the sweet.  Tonight was my first official night helping.  Whew! 9 year olds...I forgot how engergetic they are...guess I'm getting old...er. 

Tonight was fun.  The boys were working on a mosiac.  I was trying to get their records all caught up.  See what is left.  That's the bitter part the dual role.  As Assistant Den Leader I follow, as Advancement Chair I lead...hmmm balance.  I hope my type A personality doesn't drive my Sister-in-law nuts!!!!  I brought the teacher voice out a few times tonight...can't help it. 

I haven't done cub scouts in 7 years, there are a lot of differences from Cubs to Boy Scouting.  I'm still working with the Boy Scouts; Kota has a few more months to go.  I love these boys, we've seen some of them from Bobcat (lowest rank in Cub Scouts) to Eagle Scout (highest rank in Boy Scouts).  Even the one's I did not raise...are mine...my boys.  I hope it might be that way with this next bunch...


  1. I loved Cub Scouts too when I did it...many moons ago! The one thing that never changes are the boys. They are still the same crazy little guys you fall in love with, want to choke, and then shed a tear when they advance....have fun and give Kim a hug..she will need it!

  2. That is seriously one of the most challenging callings I ever had. And I was young!

    But it was lots of fun, too.