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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And Love Remains

We celebrated with friends from church their 50th wedding anniversary.  We got to sit with Yaya and Jack while being there.
50 years are awesome.  I want to have that experience too, I've got 31 years to go.

 The food was amazing.  I missed the cake shot before it was cut, but you can see it on Yaya's blog.
We visited the grounds of the castle while we were there with Yaya and Jack.

I don't know, baby T-Rex or Kyle?  Not sure who'd win.  It was a fun evening out.


  1. It was a nice event. I'm glad Cathy was feeling good enough to be out. The food was delish! The castle is an interesting place. Have a good week back to work.

  2. 50 years is a nice mile stone. I have 12 years to go.

  3. You guys seem to have a great group of friends!


  4. Hey you and Yaya have twinner posts! Love it! Sandy and Harley had a good time at the party, too. It looked so pretty!

  5. Beautiful setting for a great couple. Every princess needs a castle. :)