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Saturday, August 17, 2013


You know those projects that you put off forever because you (Kyle) doesn't know quite how to tackle them?  Well, that was this roof/fascia project.
Our roof has been missing fascia for several years because the tree that was once in our front driveway scraped it off in a storm.  Kyle did not have the equipment to bend fascia so he ignored the project.
My brother is a contractor and has told me for awhile that we could borrow the equipment.  Kyle wants to sell our house next spring and move since Kayla is graduating and so we are busy doing repairs to make the house marketable.
Old Victorian houses are beautiful, but take a lot of maintenance.
 Thanks, Mike for bringing your equipment and helping with our project.
Making progress....
Finally done!


  1. Good job Kyle and helpers! Homes can be such money pits, but being able to do some stuff yourself saves tons. I'm thinking you want to move and by our neighbor, right?

  2. Yay! It is great to get projects DONE. I love your house, where are you planning to move?